Qatar denied flight routes, decides to sell tickets anyway

Qatar denied flight routes, decides to sell tickets anyway
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QATAR – Only weeks after being denied access to flight routes, Qatar Airways have found a way to still be competitive against domestic rival Qantas. Even though they are legally not allowed to service the new flight routes, Qatar Airways will sell tickets to them anyway.

This announcement comes hot on the heals of a revelation that the ACCC is investigating Qantas for selling thousand of tickets to flights they’d already cancelled. In the spirit of competition Qatar believes if Qantas can sell tickets it had no intention of servicing, they can too.

Customers are skeptical about this new campaign, but they can’t argue with the prices that are far more competitive than Qantas have been with their veritable monopoly on certain routes since the pandemic.

Rumour is also circulating amongst plane spotting communities they’ve also noticed many Qatar Airways planes brandishing Arabic letters spelling out “naeam”, which in Arabic means yes. They’re not sure why the airline has decided to update it’s livery in this manner, but have embraced the airline displaying “it’s truth” to the world, and the chance for some new photos for their instagram accounts.