Tradies Praise Sam Kerr and Rejoice as They Declare: “Catcalling Can’t Be Sexist Anymore!”

Tradies Praise Sam Kerr and Rejoice as They Declare: “Catcalling Can’t Be Sexist Anymore!”
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In a groundbreaking revelation that’s shaking the very foundations of social norms, Australia’s tradies have collectively declared that wolf whistles and catcalls directed at women are no longer sexist. Their rationale? Sam Kerr and simple demographics.

As statistics reveal, there are now more women than men in Australia, tipping the scales in favor of the fairer sex. And according to our hard-hatted heroes of the construction sites, this demographic shift signals an end to sexism as we know it. After all, if Sam Kerr can’t be racist to white people because they’re a majority, that logic crosses into other domains too.

“We’re just leveling the playing field, mate,” declares Barry O’Sullivan, a veteran tradie from Sydney. “I mean, if there are more sheilas around, it only makes sense that we blokes can’t be sexist towards ’em anymore, right?”

Armed with this newfound logic, construction sites across the nation have become veritable breeding grounds for “equality” – or so they claim. From Melbourne to Brisbane, the cacophony of whistles and crude remarks has reached a crescendo, with tradies proudly proclaiming their newfound freedom from the shackles of political correctness.

“It’s a revolution, mate,” beams Mick Davies, donning his high-vis vest like a badge of honor. “For years, we’ve been told to watch our mouths, but now? Now we’re the victims, mate. Can’t be sexist if there’s more of ’em, can ya?”

While some may scoff at this audacious rebranding of harassment as “gender equality,” many tradies argue that it’s simply a matter of adapting to the times. “Back in the day, it was all in good fun,” reminisces Steve Thompson, a seasoned scaffolder. “Sheila walks by, you give her a whistle, she knows she’s appreciated. It’s just Aussie culture, mate.”

But not everyone is onboard with this newfound interpretation of gender dynamics. Feminist groups and advocates have slammed the trend, labeling it as a thinly veiled excuse for perpetuating harassment.

“It’s absurd to suggest that demographics dictate whether or not something is sexist,” argues Emily Chang, spokesperson for the Women’s Rights Coalition. “Sexism is about power dynamics and discrimination, not about the numerical superiority of one gender over another. These claims only serve to trivialize the very real issues women face in our society.”

Yet, amidst the uproar and controversy, the tradies remain unfazed. With their steel-toed boots firmly planted in the ground, they continue to whistle and holler with newfound impunity, citing the immutable laws of demographics as their shield against accusations of sexism.