Awkward boy from the Pacific gets his “make a wish” come true with US State Dinner

Awkward boy from the Pacific gets his “make a wish” come true with US State Dinner
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President Biden recently hosted an extraordinary state dinner featuring a special guest who’s been waiting for their wish since he was a poor boy growing up in community housing with his single mother. Anthony, a 60-year-old from a quaint Pacific nation, had a rather unique request for his “Make-A-Wish” dream.

At the opulent White House event, Anthony was spotted sporting an awkwardly fitting tuxedo next to his fantastically dressed carer in her custom designer gown. The President, always the gracious host, welcomed him with open arms, laughing heartily as he realised that Anthony’s wish was simply to look important but never actually do anything of importance.

“I’ve seen many ‘Make-A-Wish’ dreams come true,” President Biden remarked, “but this one’s truly one for the books. Anthony’s wish proves that age is just a number, and dreams can be as simple as a good meal and a photo op.”

As the evening progressed, Anthony became an overnight sensation on social media. Guests at the dinner were treated to a menu consisting of classic comfort food, reminiscent of Anthony’s Pacific homeland. In a touching moment, the President even presented him with a lifetime supply of Hawaiian leis, joking that “no one should go without a lei in their life.”

The evening concluded with an epic dance-off between Anthony and the President, although some commentators speculate they weren’t doing “the robot” but that’s just how they look when they walk.