Prime Minister’s BS Reserves Depleted, Resorts to Visiting Rodeo for Refill

Prime Minister’s BS Reserves Depleted, Resorts to Visiting Rodeo for Refill
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In a stunning turn of events, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has found himself in a tight spot as he struggles to keep up with his signature brand of BS when it comes to the proposed voice to parliament. With his BS reserves at an all-time low, the PM took a desperate yet step to replenish his stockpile – he embarked on a journey to the Mt Isa rodeo, hoping to pick up some literal BS to replenish his supplies.

While the average person might consider rodeos as a place for bull riding and cowboy hats, PM Albanese saw it as a perfect breeding ground for his beloved BS. Armed with a shovel and his now famous single minded determination, he eagerly set out to scoop up the choicest piles of “bovine splendour,” hoping that these fresh heaps of manure would serve as the much-needed fuel for his political rhetoric.

Reporters on the scene couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow as they watched the PM, cowboy hat firmly on head, enthusiastically approach a particularly large mound of BS and pose for a trademark photo op by his ever present marketing team. “This is a historic moment, really,” one journalist quipped, barely able to contain their laughter. “I mean, who would’ve thought that a rodeo would become the PM’s secret BS stash?”

As the Prime Minister shovelled away, he seemed blissfully unaware of the irony of the situation. His attempts to garner credibility for his proposed voice to parliament by seeking out the very thing he’s been accused of spewing seemed to perfectly encapsulate the state of modern politics.

As the PM finally packed up his shovel and walked away from the rodeo, one couldn’t help but wonder whether this escapade would be a turning point in his political career. Will he continue to rely on his diminishing reserves of BS, or will he finally start addressing the concerns of the public with honesty and integrity?