Chalmers has “Great” Solution to RBA report on mortgage stress

Chalmers has “Great” Solution to RBA report on mortgage stress
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CANBERRA, ACT – After the release of a report from the RBA detailing that more households are feeling mortgage stress, Treasurer Jim Chalmers has recently been on a mission to comfort Australians amongst the rising cost of living pressures. His solution? Just wait for the World Economic Forum’s Global Reset plan to be completed, and then you’ll “own nothing and be happy.”

What a relief! No more worrying about mortgage payments, car loans, or even basic necessities like food and clothing. You’ll be living the simple life of a monk, but without all that pesky enlightenment.

Chalmers has assured us that this plan will be a reality soon enough, so we can all just sit back and relax. After all, who needs possessions when you have inner peace? Who needs a roof over your head when you have the stars? Who needs a car when you have a pair of trusty shoes?

Of course, some skeptics may wonder how this plan will actually work. Does it hinge upon the voice to parliament referendum changing our constitution? Or will simple mismanagement of energy policy and the overall economy be enough to drive Australian’s into financial ruin? And what happens if we’re not actually happy?

But hey, let’s not worry about the details. We’re in good hands with Treasurer Chalmers. After all, he’s a politician, and they always have our best interests at heart. So let’s all just kick back, relax, and wait for the Global Reset to make us happy. Who needs money anyway?