Prime Minister Blames Former Government for “Treaty” T-Shirt Incident

Prime Minister Blames Former Government for “Treaty” T-Shirt Incident
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KIRRIBILLI, NSW – Prime Minister Anthony Albanese recently found himself in a tight spot after photos emerged showing him wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words “Voice, Treaty, Truth.” While he has recently denied the voice to parliament referendum as a step towards a treaty, the pictures tell a different story.

In a hastily organized press conference, the Prime Minister addressed the controversy, pointing fingers at the former government for his fashion faux pas. “You see,” he began, adjusting his tie with an air of false confidence, “I didn’t actually buy that shirt myself. It was gifted to me by the Morrison government during their tenure. They must have put it in my wardrobe to frame me for something!”

Confused journalists raised their eyebrows as the Prime Minister continued to weave his tale of victimhood. “It’s just another example of the mess they left behind,” he lamented, “They obviously had plans to divide the country by doing such a poor job that even I was able to become PM”

As the room filled with skeptical murmurs, the Prime Minister doubled down on his rhetoric, attempting to deflect any responsibility for the current state of affairs. “You see, our government has been in power for a whole year now, and we can’t be held accountable for anything. Everything is still the previous government’s fault! From the economy to healthcare, and now even my wardrobe choices – they’ve done it all!”

As the press conference drew to a close, the Prime Minister attempted a feeble exit. “Look, let’s focus on the real issues at hand, like how we can continue blaming the previous government for everything. That’s the only way we can move forward and progress as a nation,” he urged, desperately hoping to change the narrative.